Matias Creimer
M.Arch II, UCLA '96
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Architectural Fun Ride. OTIS 2014

Borrowing language from roller coasters, the “Architectural Fun Ride” is a block-long, program-less building made up of interlocking segments that are connected by a continuous interior path.

Each student was responsible for his/her segment with a goal of ensuring that users would remain motivated to walk through the entire structure.

Issues of formal and functional adjacency were negotiated between “neighbors."

This is a 3 week warm up exercise to prepare students for the main studio project.

Alan Rexford Crafts
Diana Gonong
Shadi Hashemi
Suna Jaen
Merve Hikmet Onur
Jusung Park
Elizabeth Savage
Cynthia Soto
Nyann Wynter Swain Welborn


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