Matias Creimer
M.Arch II, UCLA '96
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Framing Camp 2004. Pasadena City College

Pasadena City College
Spring 2004

This is a design/ build class that I taught at PCC to 24 students working in groups of 3. Each group was expected to design a segment of a larger, linear structure. Each segment had to have a wall, a floor, a roof and a window opening.

I asked students to design their segments in a way that the entire structure would read as a single entity. Neighboring teams had to figure out a way of ‘‘stitching’’ the segments together in a seamless way.

The entire structure was built according to standard framing practice, using full-scale construction details.

The work was published in the Journal of Architectural Education in Nov '06 and later in a book by Lukas Freireiss called SPACECRAFT.

Click to download JAE's paper

Click here for a link to Lukas Freireiss book

Linda Annas
Ji Byeon
Jimmy Chang
Jackson Chen
Alex Davis
David Gonzalez
Alan Guillen
ukie Hirashima
Wicharn Kitchiya
Sharon Ko
Nareg Khodadadi
Charley Khu
Terry Liu
Kimberly Medrano
Joseph Moore
Sky Milner
Nat Muangsiri
Hiro Nakahata
Ijeoma Onuoha
David Orellana
Trent Osaki
Harold Portillo
Miguel Potrero
German Robles
Annett Shaefer-Sell
Nancy Tang
Hans Zwierstra

Thanks to Coleman Griffith, Peter de Maria, Robert Navarro, Richard Wheeler, John Sparano, Ann Mooney, Jason Spohr, Fred Johnson, Ted James and Phu Nguyen from PCC.
Thanks to guest jurors Tarek Naga, Steffen Leisner, Andy Ratzsch, Erin Sharp and Edmund Einy.


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