Matias Creimer
M.Arch II, UCLA '96
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Los Angeles Historical Society. OTIS 2014

This year we picked a site in Downtown LA at the corner of 7th and Brodway surrounded by historical buildings.

The new building was meant to serve as the headquarters for the City of Los Angeles Historical Society. There's more than one historical society in Southern California and the idea was to combine them all in a single entity with a stronger urban presence.

The building would have offices, classrooms, research facilities, a cafeteria, a lecture hall and an exhibit space open to the general public. The program required students to propose ways of dealing with different user groups and restricted access areas.

Studio V at OTIS is what we call the Urban Studio. The building must respond to its own programmatic needs while addressing its urban impact on the street.

Alan Rexford Crafts
Diana Gonong
Shadi Hashemi
Suna Jaen
Merve Hikmet Onur
Jusung Park
Elizabeth Savage
Cynthia Soto
Nyann Wynter Swain Welborn


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