Matias Creimer
M.Arch II, UCLA '96
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Los Angeles School of Arts and Crafts. OTIS 2012

This semester we worked in Downtown LA at the corner of Broadway and 3rd, on a 10,000 SF corner lot. The site currently shows a one story "Pollo Loco" restaurant and it sits across the street from the Bradbury Building.

The program was a fictitious "Los Angeles School of Arts and Crafts” with some complexity in terms of the different user groups and how they all access and utilize the building. The net area was 27,000 SF with a 60' maximum height and no setbacks.

Students spent the first few weeks on site and program analysis. Then they build color-coded program blocks to develop a system that ties it all together.

Studio V is what we call the Urban Studio. The building must respond to its own programmatic needs while addressing its urban impact on Broadway.

Lori J Choi
Jonathan Figueroa
Michelle Ming Han
Catherine Hernandez
Hideyo Michael Kameda
Garret Sho Kato
Steven Katz
Dami Kim
Christopher Kono
Theresa Lee
Ashley MuyKim Lim
XinXin Annie Lin
DaiJavette McOvery
Rameel Nissan
Elbert Payra
Stephanie Robbins
Maureen Suryali


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